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Becoming a critic

Until recently I thought I had no taste in movies — meaning that I pretty much liked them all. But I just realized I hate movies where someone bumping their head is a joke. Once that happens, it’s pretty much over.

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  1. What movies have you been watching?!

    I hope you don’t mean movies where people bump their heads and get amnesia or think they’re someone else, and then they bump their heads again and they’re back to normal. Because that’s golden! Massive brain trauma rules! Wooooo!

    • No no… I agree: that’s “bumping head” == “dramatic plot device” and that’s awesome. I’m talking about movies where someone bumps their head, there’s a pause where you’re supposed to laugh, and the head bumping serves no further function. I hate that.

      Specifically I encountered this watching the trailer for “Hitchhiker’s Guide”. Sure, it’s a bit premature, hating a movie before it even comes out, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hate it. Too bad. If they got Terry Gilliam to direct it would have been awesome.

      • I’ve noticed a trend in films and in television where women characters played by stunning actresses are made into klutzes because its supposed to help “ordinary” women “relate.” Ya know, it brings ‘em down to the level of “average” women … it’s pretty insulting actually. “Oh, look at her fall downt those stairs in front of that handsome man! Why, she’s not perfect! In fact, she’s downright lovable.”

        • I guess that needs to be added to the laundry list of hollywood’s most annoying character cliches, right after the black guy who dies to save his white buddy. “Why, he’s not militant! In fact, he’s downright lovable.”

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