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The good life

So most of my life consists of my job which is, overall, pretty cool. I manage good people and have pretty much complete say in where my department goes. And I’m not just a pointy-haired-boss, I actually get to code a good deal as well. So my technical itch gets scratched and people respect me. Or at least they make pretend they do, which is really just about as good.

The company is growing super-fast (has been for years now) and so we’re making and spending lots of money. The upshot is that we’re on the radar of all these other companies who want to sell us stuff. Case in point: IBM. We spend a lot of money with IBM — for servers, desktops, and laptops. Early seven figures, I would imagine. This is apparently enough so that our vendor/rep comes out to Vegas every month or so to take the bigwigs (and for some reason, me) out to some swanky restaurant.

Tonight we went to Mix at the Mandalay Bay. Now I’m a simple suburban boy, just a haircut and a toothbrush above trailer trash, so I’m still a sucker for this kind of thing. The whole place is done up in some retro-future decor with all sorts of wacky lighting and big sculpted chairs. The view was amazing — 64 floors up with floor to ceiling windows all around. The food was actually quite good, too. Expensive, but hey, I wasn’t paying.

Okay, so I know that’s boring and maybe even sickening to you all. But I tell you this to lead up to the highlight of the night: the restroom. It was the finest restroom I’ve ever been in. It was so modern looking I could hardly figure out if it was a restroom … they left off the door in favor of gently sloping hallways that feel like the entrance to a space station maze. The sinks were so high-tech that the attendant had to explain how to use them. And the urinals… ah, the urinals. They were tiny, like little kids’ sinks, lined up in front of yet another floor to ceiling window on the far side of the room.

Let me tell you, it is a fine feeling indeed to piss while looking out on the lights of the Vegas strip.

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5 Responses to The good life

  1. When I was in Vegas, I was dying to go to Red Square or RumJungle in the Mandalay Bay. I think I did eat at Border Grill though.

    I found a couple articles about the bathrooms at Mix (though the articles aren’t that good). I was hoping to see photos though. The pictures of the restaurant itself is cool. One website pondered what Brian Boitano would do at the men’s restroom at Mix, but it wasn’t very interesting.

    • Rum Jungle

      When you visit we’ll have to check it out. I’ve only peeked in from the outside, but there’s usually some bikini clad women spinning and flipping on a trapeze over the bar. How can you go wrong with that?

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