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I seem to have less reason and desire to blog these days — does that mean my life is less interesting or that I’m taking more interest in actually living my life?

Honestly, it’s the former at the moment. But here’s something: I’ve been interviewing and I got a few offers and after much deliberation I decided to work at BluBet.

It’s a very small startup, just a handful of people in a borrowed corner of someone else’s office at the moment. But they’re good folks, have a fun little site with a fast growing membership, and some cool ideas for the future. I start on Monday.

Ethiopian food last night at Assab… damn yummy!

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4 Responses to Update

  1. Congrats on the job. That site reminds me, sort of, of which I often enjoy browsing just to see what other people are thinking. I’m curious, though– how do they intend to make money? Or is that top secret?

  2. Their website is BluBet, the sell BluBucks… I keep hoping they have a division called BluBalls. Isn’t that the division where you work?

    Congrats on the job!!!

    Sophie and I were just IMing via Gmail and she said you’re sick, too. We all almost made it through flu season unscathed! Hope you feel better soon.

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