Jonathan Field - Maker of Random Stuff


Current Status

I am living in Henderson, Nevada, working on education technology, traveling, and doing assorted creative projects for diversion.

30 Second History

  • Born the 70's in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Raised in Norwood, a suburb of Boston
  • While attending school and working odd jobs, I made computer games, music, and videos
  • Moved to Concord, California in 1997
  • Learned about web and business development working at LinkExchange, Microsoft, and Idealab
  • Joined in 2000 and became Director of Development
  • Moved to Henderson, Nevada in 2004 with Zappos
  • Retired from Zappos in 2007

Gifts & Causes

I have everything material that I want. If you feel the need to give me a gift, please do so by donating to any of these causes, which I support. Further suggestions are welcome.

Other Jonathan Fields

We are many, the Jonathan Fields. I intend the "s" here to signify plural, though I respect my brethern who choose to adorn the singular name as such. In any case, here are some of the more prominent Jonathan Fields you might be interested in.
  • Looking for a slightly more rugged version? Perhaps one who exhibits great horsemanship? Look no further than Jonathan Field.
  • Would you like to get your ass kicked? I'm a lover not a fighter, so you'd be better off meeting up with Tae Kwon Do Master Jonathan Field.
  • Looking for someone who can help you find personal fulfillment through entrepreneurship? We've got that covered too: meet Jonathan Fields.
  • Are you wealthy? Are you unsure how to manage that wealth? Maybe you can have a chat with the professional and talented British-born, Dubai-based Jonathan Field.
We seem a pretty diverse and solid bunch. I'd certainly have a beer with any of my fellow Jonathan Fields. I'm sure there are more great Jonathan Fields out there. If you know of any, drop me a line.