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Khan Academy On a Stick

Khan Academy On a Stick

Are you looking for an offline collection of the Khan Academy videos that you can use in places where there is no internet? You've come to the right place. Below are searchable, easy-to-navigate, highly compressed offline collections that you can fit on a USB stick to bring with you to install on computers easily.


It is currently available in five languages, which you can preview here:

Download With Rsync

I recommend using rsync because if the connection gets dropped, if there's any corruption, or even if I make updates, you can just run the same command again and it will only download the parts it needs.

On any Mac or Unix-compatible system, you should be able to just copy and paste the appropriate line below into the terminal. On Windows, you can install Cygwin - just be sure to search for and enable rsync when selecting which packages to install.

English (12.8 GB)
Español (9.3 GB)
Français (5.4 GB)
Português (8.4 GB)
Deutsch (0.8 GB)

Download With FTP

If the above sounds too complicated, you can also get it from an anonymous FTP server at You can try downloading it straight in your browser using the following links, but you'll probably have better luck with a real FTP client like Filezilla that can resume downloads reliably if there is network trouble.

English (12GB) md5
Español (8.2GB) md5
Français (4.7GB) md5
Português (7.3GB) md5
Deutsch (0.7GB) md5

More free, offline educational content

If you want more offline educational content, check out World Possible, creators of RACHEL: a simple WiFi device which includes Khan Academy videos and exercises, along with lots of other great content and that you can share with a whole computer lab.