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From KY

No no… I’m not a Bush hater. I just happen to vehemently disagree with every decision he’s made.

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Horn Bagles

Since my last post I’ve gone to Kentucky, hiked up Mt. Charleston to a 3000 year old tree with Sophie, got a mild sunburn, then had a massage and facial at the GVR spa. I also worked a lot.

Oh, I also had a physical, and got back decent results. My cholesterol was 206, which is a little high, but so much better than the 270 it was at its peak, I’m not complaining. My best ever cholesterol was a 170 about two years ago when I first came to Las Vegas… I was eating a little more seafood and less red meat back then, so this past week I’ve tried to make some adjustments. I must admit I do love me a broiled halibut steak. Mmm good. I was in good shape then too, 15% bodyfat. I’m trying to get back there… I’m about 18% bodyfat at the moment. I’m only exercising about twice a week, but I’m eating pretty well; cooking at home a lot.

Saw A Scanner Darkly today… pretty good. I usually like Linklater’s stuff. I dug the animation style, which I guess is the same as Waking LIfe, though I’ve never seen that. I should check it out.

And I got an iPod today too! Went with the black one (my last one that got stolen was white). It’s the 30GB video iPod. I just cleaned my car today and wanted to get rid of all the CD’s and start listening to a wider range of stuff. I had been putting purchasing one off since I only commute about 3 minutes, but heck, I want more music in my car. I’ve suffered for my sin of leaving my car unlocked. So off the Apple Store I went.

Karen tagged along to the store because she’s been thinking of getting a MacBook. But the Fashion Show Mall closes at 8PM on Saturdays? We made it but she wasn’t willing to make the decision in just a few minutes, so I grabbed my iPod and we stopped for a bite at PF Changs. I ordered Oolong marinated Sea Bass, which was quite good, and she ordered “Unremarkable Duck”. It was unremarkable.

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Napa & Bodies

Ah Napa… had a great weekend up there with Sophie. Hit some excellent restaurants and did a little wine tasting. I learned that I like wine best when it’s with food. I also learned that a $150 bottle of wine tastes notably better than a $25 bottle of wine, but certainly not six times better. And it only cost us $28 to learn that. Also got a little too much sun… it’s easier to get burned in Napa because it feels so nice out. At least in Vegas you can tell you’re getting roasted and to keep your ass inside.

Then on the 4th I decided to lay low for the most part. No human interaction… except with corpses. Seriously: I spent the day (well, two hours anyway) looking at dead bodies and body parts. No, it wasn’t one of those weird Las Vegas mortuary strip club… it’s Bodies… The Exhibition!

Though I’m fine with movie violence, I’m a fairly squeamish guy when it comes to real life blood and such… I don’t like watching operations on TV for example. I was a little worried about going to the exhibit, maybe I’d just feel ill being around a bunch of cadavers? Even the little kids who seemed to love it in the promotional video on the website didn’t allay my fears. Kids seem to love watching people break their limbs on Fox’s X-Treme accidents or whatever too, but it’s not for me. Nonetheless, after fretting about it for a bit I decided I ought to do something outside my comfort zone, so in I went.

I ended up really enjoying it. It was far less creepy than I had feared, and was in fact strangely beautiful. I’m up on basic biology, so I don’t feel I learned much in the way of book facts, but I definitely got a heightened sense of the complexity of the body and a more indescribable understanding of what it is… what I am, what you are. Probably my favorite bit was the room where they had filled the circulatory system with plastic and then dissolved away the rest of the body, leaving just a human shaped network of arteries, veins, and capillaries. The lung in particular with it’s perfectly fractal vascular structure, details getting so small I could just barely see… actually made me smile.

Anyways, I’d recommend it to anyone at all curious about such things.

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