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Monthly Archives: April 2008

The coolest thing at Hooters

Went to Hooters for dinner. As we got seated near to the pool, we noticed an ancient old dude in Speedos dancing by himself on the patio. He was probably 70; his mop of jet white hair was styled more or less like Einstein’s. His skin was an ill-fitting bag of wrinkles and liver spots hung over a slightly stocky frame that bulged mostly in the wrong places. And there he was out there by himself, in his Speedos, dancing up a storm to an odd mix of 80′s music. There were people sitting all around at nearby tables observing and chuckling.

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A Laugh

Nothing solid to report. But I did find the following video link, which I leave on my desktop. I watch it every once in a while and so far it has never failed to make me laugh:

3 Year Old Talking About Monsters

Her logic and sincerity at 0:15 is just too funny. I’ve probably watched it about three times a day for the past week. She’s gonna grow up to be awesome.

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