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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Falling Behind…

A great many things that I would have liked to post about have come and gone… I’m not quite keeping up! But I could not let the day pass without passing on this important information:

Deep fried cajun turkey is stupendously good.

Turducken is absolutely wonderful.

Thanks to Russ and Lisa respectively for their culinary contributions.

(many other fine dishes provided by many other fine peoples deserve mention, but I’ve limited space… or something)

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It’s official

I announced to my team today that I’ll be moving on from Zappos. My last day will be February 28th.

I think it’s the right thing, but it makes me sad.

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The Return of Speedquarters!

Long time readers may remember that back in April 2005 I started my livejournal with a post about the World Series of Speed Quarters. Well, after all this time the video is now online. It features yours truly prominently in the first 15 seconds, and then not at all after that. The speech I give at the beginning about table quality actually went on for a good minute or two, but they just pulled that one bit. Then they show me hammer down a beer.

There’s another event coming up in San Francisco… not sure if I’ll sign up, but I recommend anyone in the area to give it a shot.

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