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New Record

Now I’ve had some lousy night’s sleep before, but this has to be a new record. Since I got into KY last night I have slept zero hours. And not for lack of trying — I’ve been in bed the whole time trying to get some sleep. But here I am at 8 AM, about to get up for a shower and I haven’t slept a wink. What’s up with that?

Selling all my stuff at the moment… via craigslist and the following pages:

Garage Stuff

House Stuff

It’s gotta all be gone by the end of next week!

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You know what I mean?

After eating homemade potstickers and drinking a couple margaritas I sat down with my guitar and improvised this little ditty.

I posted it then took it down. Now I’m putting it up again. You might enjoy it if you’re in the right frame of mind.

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Cause and Effect

I’ll tell you one thing for sure… once I had my tetanus shot as a kid, I suddenly felt much more interest in rusty nails. No, really.

Actually I just had a round of vaccines for my trip… Typhoid, Hep A, Hep B, and Tetanus. And I’ll be taking anti-malarials as well. All optional but recommended so, you know for $220, why not. A couple days after the vaccines I felt a little ill for a day as my immune system caught up. I wonder which of those diseases I almost contracted.

Saw Blood Diamond over the weekend, loved it.

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And so begins my last month at… next Monday Brent starts and I will have until March 1st to help him get situated as well as possible. Also by March 1st, I’m hoping to have somehow got rid of everything in my house here, and to have hopefully sold the house as well. That’s a lot to do in as short a month as February. And then the very next day I fly off!

First I’m flying to Boston. But I’ll only be there for a week, visiting with my sister and my dad and their significant others. On March 10th I fly to South Africa for a two month stay. In South Africa, I’ll be helping my uncle set up computers in disadvantaged schools. It’s a cool little program that he and his partner set up a few years ago. They’re just going to give me a bunch of computers and point me at a school. I get to figure out how to approach things. It’s exciting. And scary. But mostlly exciting.

After that, I have decided what I’m going to do. I’m going to drive from Las Vegas to Tampa Florida, and I’m going to live with my Mom and Tim for six months. My mom’s health hasn’t been that great and I want to spend some time with her and see if I can help her out. Also, I’ve been too out of touch with family for too long since I moved out west. While I’m there I’ll hopefully find some inspiration to work on some creative projects, most likely music and maybe related internet ideas.

After that we’ll just about be in 2008 — I hope I’ll have some different perspective by then. If not, I think I’ll just go work at In-n-Out.

Good movies I’ve seen recently: Pan’s Labyrinth & Pursuit of Happiness

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