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Monthly Archives: May 2008


I just realized how much I like ducks. They fly, they walk, and they swim. They’re flying amphibious all-terrain vehicles. They also make an awesome honking sound.

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More Birthday Stuff

Sophie pulled off a pretty convincing “dinner for just the two of us” last night, but when we arrived at El Mansour for our first sampling of Moroccan food, just about everyone I could have imagined making it was there. Very cool :)

Friends, super tasty food, and belly dancing: what more could one ask for?

Well, a few rounds of pool and a bottle of port would be cool. And I got that too :)

Then today I woke up to find that California has legalized same-sex marriage.

All around a good start to another year on planet Earth.

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Sophie took me up to Napa this past weekend for my birthday. Fe and Cam were in attendance, and she contracted a driver so we could all get goofy safely. T’was beautiful up there. Good food, wine, and friends. Rather than describe in detail, I’ll link to Cam’s Pics.

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