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More Birthday Stuff

Sophie pulled off a pretty convincing “dinner for just the two of us” last night, but when we arrived at El Mansour for our first sampling of Moroccan food, just about everyone I could have imagined making it was there. Very cool :)

Friends, super tasty food, and belly dancing: what more could one ask for?

Well, a few rounds of pool and a bottle of port would be cool. And I got that too :)

Then today I woke up to find that California has legalized same-sex marriage.

All around a good start to another year on planet Earth.

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2 Responses to More Birthday Stuff

  1. We were so bummed we had to miss it! It sounds like you had a great evening.

    Mr. Kathy and Michael were in town for only one night – your birthday. I was seriously grumbling when I found out they had planned it for that day, including a plane flight and rescheduling all of Mr. Kathy’s doctor’s appointments, without asking me. I had requested they tell me ahead because I specifically had your birthday in mind and I knew they wanted to come up on a Wednesday.

    As Michael would say, “Oh well.”

    • It’s cool — would have loved to see you and Mark do some belly dancing, but we can always arrange a more discreet setting as well. Maybe I’ll see you guys… Sunday?

      Awe yeah.

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