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Starring Steven Segal as Jonathan Field!

So my dad sent me a screenplay to review today; it’s the film adaptation of my grandparents’ book about their harrowing experiences during the cold war. Both my grandparents have passed since the book was published in 1999, but they were involved in the conception of the flim project as well. The screenplay is being written by Sheryl Longin and Roger Simon, and seems to be nearing its final version. I think it’s pretty good so far; capturing the spirit of the story quite well. Of course film is a director’s medium, and we’ll see what becomes of it in the final translation to screen.

The most interesting addition to this latest version is a series of “present day” (well, 1986) scenes that include the grandchildren. Obviously my grandparents were always going to be portrayed, and my dad and uncle too, as little boys. But this latest addition means that there will be actors portraying the rest of the family as well. So assuming it avoids the cutting room floor, someone will play me. That’s right. Some lucky actor will try to channel the passion and charisma that is Jonathan Field. I have no idea who it will be yet, but I’m looking. Anyone have suggestions?

I must say, it’s quite odd reading lines that you yourself are saying but never actually said. I’m trying not to worry too much about the specifics as long as the tone is right. Of course my sister is portrayed as well, along with my cousin Hamo. The scene involves us watching the academy awards the year that the film adaptation of Angry Harvest (a novel my grandfather wrote with his cellmate while in prison) was nominated for best foreign language film. I have no recollection of sitting around together that night; but for the sake of storytelling it’s a nice scene.

Of course this also allows the film to open with a shot of Cher. Seriously.

I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that.

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Like grandma always said…

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Is it okay to feel for the eggs?

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Happy Zappos Anniversary!

Monday night was the Zappos 7th anniversary party. We’ve done it three years in a row now and it’s always a wild and crazy time.

First up we had a private, employee only event at The Joint at the Hard Rock. This included unlimited food, drinks, and Carrot Top. Yes, that Carrot Top. I was pleasantly surprised, and thought his show was pretty funny. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it was cool for the company to lay out like that for a private performance.

After the private event we open up the big party. The WSA shoe show is in town this time of year and so we invite all the vendors. Actually, we call it a “Vendor Appreciation Party”. It’s somewhere around 2000 people out at the Hard Rock pool, with an open bar and various forms of entertainment. This year The Spazmatics played the party. The pool was open for swimming unlike previous years (yes, I took a dunk). They also had a cool mechanical surfboard that worked much like a mechanical bull, except with less of a chance at breaking your neck.

Last Wednesday Tony asked me to put together a little Zappos logo video loop to play on the plasma screens sprinkled around the place. Here’s what I came up with. Yeah, it’s just a minor tweak of a couple of the default Motion themes, but I had never done a project with Motion before so it was pretty fun to put together. Only took a couple hours to learn and get everything just how I wanted it. Very cool program. So yeah, that video was playing for hours on the plasmas in the background. Apparently is was also playing in every room in the hotel if you went to the right channel. Crazy!

I had a good time; and paced myself well with the alcohol. It’s tough going nearly 8 hours with such a party crowd. But I messed up big time by smoking a cigar at the end of the night. Made me ill. And I don’t mean like 80′s hip-hop ill. Ended up sleeping on the floor of Marvin’s room. No, not the movie, the generous Zappos guy who had a reservation at the Hard Rock.

So yeah: I smoked a cigar. And a couple cigarettes. And I drank. And I swam and danced bare chested. I ended up sleeping on someone’s floor. It sounds pretty trashy. And perhaps surprising for those who know me from before I moved here. What has become of the old Jon? He’s still here. Really. I just think living in Las Vegas and not partying like a rockstar is kind of like going to Europe and eating at McDonald’s.

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