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Okay, it’s almost as if me liking a TV show brings about it’s death. This year’s casualty is Conviction, which was so good that I could work out to it and forget that I hated working out. Dammit, isn’t there some way for these non mainstream shows to find enough audience to continue? Does absolutely everything have to appeal to the masses to survive? Bah.

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The Big 80′s

Well, the 80′s party put on by Rosalind and Dory this past weekend was an unqualified success. Lots of great outfits, great music, great food, and best of all, great peeps.

Here’s what I really looked like in the 80′s. But for the party I decided to go more with a low-rent Miami Vice type look.

There’s a 189 (!) pictures from the party if you’ve got a snapfish account. They came out pretty great.

Is it just me or are 80′s girl outfits super hot?

Good times.

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Full Weekend

So this past Sunday Dan and I set off a bunch of explosives, hiked and scaled rocks in 100+ degree desert heat, ate mediterranean food, and fired machine guns. No, we’re not stationed in Iraq, we’re just enjoying the offerings of lovely Las Vegas. That was Dan’s joke, so if you like it, please tip generously. We also watched Nacho Libre.

Add that to Saturday evening’s wine tasting at Matt & Kari’s and later a visit to The Whisky, and that’s about as much fun and excitement I can handle in one weekend. No worries, just five days at work should get me back into shape for next weekend.

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Goodbye VHS!

After some success last weekend transferring some VHS to DVD, I’ve made it my raison d’ĂȘtre to eliminate all VHS from my home. It’s not that it hasn’t served me well, but it’s far too inconvenient to watch. Most of the stuff is home movies and creative projects from years ago. I actually had to go out and buy a VCR as the one I had wasn’t really working any more. Who actually watches videos on anything other than a computer these days anyways?

I’m not converting any of the hollywood movies… I’d just buy those again on DVD if I wanted them. The question remains whether to bother converting the porn. That would take a while.

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Great minds think alike

Sophie just sent me this link to Henry Rollin’s love letter to Ann Coulter. Long time readers of my journal will surely remmeber my love letter to Ann Coulter from last November. I think mine is a little more nuanced, but I admit his has more… je ne sais. I wonder which would work better on our lovely lady.

I’m in KY again! Just for a couple days. I’ve been going through old VHS tapes recently of my high-school and post high-school antics, and transferring them to DVD. Man I was an obnoxious and annoying guy ten years ago. I wonder if I’ll say the same thing again in ten years.

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SF Weekend

Just got back from a great weekend in SF with Sophie… it’s her birthday this upcoming week so I decided to visit. Highlights included a full day of walking around the city… we went up to Coit Tower and then down to Pier 45 to the Musee Mechanique. By the time we got back home my calfs were so tired I couldn’t stand tip-toe without shaking. Guess all that eliptical work doesn’t do much for those little support muscles that you use when you really walk around! The weather was absolutely perfect for the whole visit, though I ended up getting a more sun than maybe I should have.

SF Food… Left Bank, Maya, and a few new places: Hing Lung, a great Chinese place on Broadway: super good, generous portions, cheap prices. And they have even cheaper prices during happy hour and late night, apparently. They also have lots of authentic food that I don’t have the stomach for, like tripe and chicken feet and stuff. We also tried that noodle place “Long Life” at the Metreon, which was only so-so, but had a great fresh cucumber juice/soda drink. And we finished off with creampuffs from Beard Papa.

What is Beard Papa you ask? Only the most addictive little Japanese pastries in the world. I first encountered these in Korea under the name “Beard Uncle”… and was shocked to come acros the obviously related “Beard Papa” having just opened in SF. Doing some further research, I think “Beard Uncle” was just a knockoff, but they got the taste right. In any case, I recommend dropping by Beard Papa or Beard Uncle, if you’re in San Francisco or Seoul, for some creampuffs.

I also recommend visiting another country every few years, dancing at least once a month, and brushing your teeth daily.

If only I could keep those up!

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