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Party Pics

Yay! Got some pics from the party. Thanks Crystal!

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I just had a great birthday week. Sophie came out and we spent a night at the M resort since I had a good coupon. Then we went to the Mirage to see LOVE and spent a night there too. In a rare moment of true Vegasdom, we hit the casino floor and threw about $100 into the machines. We walked away with just a little over $100, so not too bad.

Then we spent most of Friday buying stuff for a pool party & birthday bbq for Saturday. It was a combined birthday for myself and my good friend Christa, who was also born on this lovely week in May. The party was a big success with some 40 people rocking out by the pool, snacking on cookout food, and generally having what appeared to be a good time. I’d never thrown a party that size before, so it was fun to see it all come together.

Currently, this is the only picture I have from the party. But that works.

Sophie was an amazing help with the party — making some super Korean Beef and managing the kitchen area for much of the festivities. And the guests were wonderful people that not only brought a great assortment of sides, drinks, and desserts, but they also cleaned up afterwards, too. The next morning upon waking I only needed to sweep the floor and carry out a bag of trash.

Then on Sunday there was _another_ birthday for pal Sotheavy. A big group went to Hostile Grape for delish wine and cheese time.

And now it’s Monday. I’m 36. What to do?

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