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It’s Thanksgiving here in Florida. Maybe it is where you are too.

Sophie’s here and this afternoon we’re going with to visit with a lot of the family (some twenty people… yet only a fraction of the whole!) and have a nice dinner together.

May you have a moment to think about how fortunate you are, and without pride or pity appreciate your short and beautiful life.

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What’s wrong

I think this graph might actually represent everything that is wrong with mankind.

No no, it’s not a Bush bashing thing at all. It doesn’t matter who the chart is about. It could be about me or your mother. What bugs me is how the presidential approval rating shoots up on 9/11. I mean, why would anyone’s opinion of a president change at all (least of all go up) from an unexpected attack? I can certainly see rallying behind the president as he moves forward, and I can see approval rising as he took actions, but how could the attack itself make you feel he was doing a better job the day after than the day before?

Yeah, this is old news, but I came across the chart the other day when looking to see exactly how disliked our current president is, and that spike at 9/11 jumped out at me again.

What weird, weird, creatures we are.

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Sophie’s last day in Las Vegas — we decided to treat it as a celbration of selling the house, since the money actually went through on Halloween day. We woke up wondering where to get a killer French style breakfast in Vegas. Something like “Cafe de la Presse” in San Francisco, but you know, in Vegas. We weren’t hopeful to match that, but after a bit of online searching we eventually we decided to hit Bouchon at the Venetian, which seemed to be the ticket.

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It all started when I left Zappos and emailed our wonderful Benefits Coordinator Michelle asking about COBRA. Being a geek I addressed my request to “COBRA Commander” and phrased things with a bit of G.I. Joe style urgency.

She immediately responded and upped the ante by referring to me as “Destro” and herself as “Baroness”. We proceeded to work out my continuing health coverage as a matter of national security. I had known she was a little weird, but I was pretty impressed that her responses had me looking up G.I. Joe trivia to refresh my memory.

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Quick Update

There’s a lot gone on in the past week, but first I just want to say: I’ve sold my house!.

That’s right: in the worst housing market in recent history I managed to unload our place here in Las Vegas. All I had to do was take over the real estate responsibilities myself and cut the price until it hurt. But it’s all good: one mortgage less to worry about and I even recovered a minor portion of the down payment.

Escrow has closed as of yesterday and that’s it.


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