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The Scores Are In

I got a note from my friend Jabulane today. He’s a great computer teacher I met last year at Thalana High School. He has a day job teaching at another school away from town, but he teaches computers at Thalana on nights and weekends. I’ve seen him in class and I love his style with the kids – he is an inspiration.

The note was about the results for this year’s graduating class at Thalana — “matrics”, they’re called. He said that this year 72% of the computer students at Thalana got a passing grade in computer class. It had never been above 30% before.

To be clear, I had maybe a 1% influence on this. I only helped him get things up and running at the beginning of the year and then monitored a few classes for him. So it’s really just a testament to his teaching and the students’ effort to learn. However, it makes me happy and proud to have been a part of it at all.

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