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Monthly Archives: January 2009

The Magic Head

It was about this time of year that it happened. I had been working at Old Man Keffer’s garage when he dropped dead. That old piece of dried meat didn’t leave a damn thing in order, and the bank shut it all down a week later. I was flat broke with Patty and the baby to care for — I couldn’t even afford the medicine for her asthma. Anyone who knows me could probably guess I hit the bottle pretty hard.
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A Story I Wrote

It’s sure been a while since I posted. Life has been full and I’ve traveled to the Carolinas and to New England for Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively. I’ve been hanging with some kewl new people and enjoying life here in Las Vegas as best I can.

On to the reason for this post: a story I wrote was posted to the front page of Pronounced “corrosion”, it’s a site where users write stories and articles and then the members vote stuff up or down.

What may not be apparent unless you’re familiar with kuro5hin is that it’s largely a haven of vile misanthropes who despise almost everything. I’ve been occasionally reading and commenting there for years as the community has shrunk down to only the most stalwart and bitter members. I take it as a great honor that my story was accepted and voted up by such people.

I suppose it’s not too surprising — it’s a dark story. But I’m proud of it. Hope I can get myself to do more writing in the future.

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