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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Sparkle Ponies!

After a great month with wonderful people in Kansas, Florida, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, it was time to launch the much anticipated Sparkle Ponies album, “Crimes Against Humanity”. It’s been in the can since mid February, but I’ve been delaying things by being traveling around.

Here’s the final front cover and back cover. We had a great CD release party on the 4th, complete with beer, bbq, pool, and of course lots of beautiful girls. CD’s were complimentary at the party, but for the rest of you you’ll have to either track me down for one or buy it on iTunes when it is available — hopefully soon! I’ll post here when Apple gets around to putting it up.

This album is really the brain child of David Lavezzo, playing under the stage name FREEDOM. I am proud of what I brought to the project as Cinch Dastardly. I wouldn’t have thought of working on a surf rock album in a million years, so thanks Dave! It was a blast, and it sounds great.

I wonder if I should commit to another album of some sort next July 4th? We’ll see.

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