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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Khan Academy Offline

So at first I felt a bit odd downloading and distributing a collection of Khan Academy videos for offline usage, being that they’re already freely available online, but it turns out lots of people want the same thing. Apparently there’s a big overlap in the Venn diagram of “places that need better educational resources” and “places that don’t have fast, cheap internet access”.

Just before my most recent trip to SA, I found a guy who was doing much better job of it than me, and so I started using his package instead. After a bit of back and forth it was determined that while the package would benefit from being updated, he didn’t have the time. So I offered to help out.

After learning a bit about Khan Academy’s API, re-downloading all the videos, learning about Handbrake Encoding Options, and yes, hacking a bit of perl, I came up with this preliminary update.

I’m discussing with others now about what tweaks to make so that it can be most useful. Although I’ve moved away from coding in general these days, I do still enjoy the flow that comes with it.

Also, I think this is the first project where I didn’t resent CSS layout by the time I was done. Now that’s progress!

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