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Went to see Lez Zeppelin tonight with Aki and Lisa. It’s an all-girl Led Zeppelin cover band. They put on a great show — there were a couple rough spots but they nailed most of the tunes right out of the park. Their rendition of “In My Time of Dying” was amazing, as was “Kashmir”, “Rock & Roll”, “Black Dog” and “Whole Lotta Love”.

The drummer was the highlight — totally slammed every song. Got all the nuances right. Looked like she was having a blast. And she has the best rock name of the bunch, too: “Helen Destroy”. But they all put on a good, fun show.

I hear that sometimes they do the first album from beginning to end. I would love to see that. I will check them out again next time they’re in town.

Got my halloween costume all set. Doing another couple costume with Michelle. It also involves her wearing tight fitting clothes and me shaving my head. Like last year, we don’t expect most people to get it. I’ll post pictures and an explanation when I get them.

I’ve already got an idea for next year’s costume, should it come to pass, that again involves her in tight fitting clothes and me shaving my head. I wonder how long we can play that motif out.

All that sounds wonderful. And I’ve been working on a video. But honestly, I feel blah. Hopefully it’ll pass. If not, I’ll have to start sniffing glue.

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And now I present the result of an otherwise ordinary Monday evening:

Baba O’Riley

My apologies. It occurred to me today as I was driving around listening to the stereo, and then it had to be done.

Just voice and Garageband effects.


No, I had no idea that a cappella Who covers were already the latest thing. Late to the game again!

Update 2:

The first version I uploaded had the end cut off, dammit! The full version, including my annoying impression of a fiddle is now available above.

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Urban Hiking

Yesterday, Saturday, I went urban hiking. I badly needed to decompress after this week. I’d felt pretty lousy about things and I’d kept myself cooped up for several days straight. Not good.

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