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Urban Hiking

Yesterday, Saturday, I went urban hiking. I badly needed to decompress after this week. I’d felt pretty lousy about things and I’d kept myself cooped up for several days straight. Not good.

I went to the strip. Parked at Mandalay Bay and then I walked for nearly seven hours straight. I estimate 10+ miles. I walked up the west side, through every single hotel, up to the fashion show mall, then crossed and came back down the east side through every hotel.

Mainly I watched people. People are interesting. Perhaps it’s a little creepy, but I’d play this game where I’d make eye contact with someone — women mostly — with my face expressionless. If they smiled, I’d smile back. If not, we’d break eye contact. Learned: most people don’t smile. Also learned: when they do smile I probably read a lot more human connection into it than is actually there.

I learned from the pimps lining the street that I look like the kind of guy that needs “women direct to my room”. They seemed to put a little extra effort into getting those cards into my face. I also learned that I am not the kind of guy they want to bring into clubs for free. They’d ask the people walking by in front and behind, but skip me. I don’t like the implications of all this. But that’s okay, because I’m milking their goats right now.

By the time I got back to my car, my feet were quite sore, but otherwise I felt good. It definitely helped relieve a little of the funk I’ve been in.

Today I was social for the first time in a while. Brunched and dined with fine Zappos-y people. Ended up filming an improv cooking show with four gay guys. The fun never ends.

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6 Responses to Urban Hiking

  1. I’m not exactly sure what this line meant:
    But that’s okay, because I’m milking their goats right now.

    Do the sex shows include goats now? Are you self-milking to the cards? I’m confused.

    • I was going to say “fucking their mothers” right now, to imply a college-level put-down, but I decided to change it up.

      Besides goats are just cool. So I try to work them into conversation whenever I can.

      How _you_ doing? Wlll you be officially repelling Brendan & Lila to Portland any time soon?

      • They’re actually in Portland right now but it’s not because of any repelling we did.

      • Don’t you mean a “best-GED-in-the-whole-damn-state-level” put-down? I don’t know, i think the whole “fucking their mothers” thing is more like junior high. 7th grade? Wasn’t there a guy in our class who’s response to everything was “your mutha!” or “I just got off your mom”?

        • You may be right. With my limited exposure to college, I really shouldn’t make such statements. The coolness of fucking someone else’s mother reaches it’s peak within different social groups at different times, I suppose.

          The milking of someone else’s goats, however, is always cool.

          • Wow, did i just pop out of nowhere to drop an h-bomb on you?? Dude, I’m an asshole! I’m like the guy in Good Will Hunting who doesn’t like the taste of those apples! I don’t like them apples! I don’t! They taste bad! I’m ashamed of myself. You go ahead and bone Minnie Driver. I’ll stay here and cry.

            Jon, you’ve got something that is better than any BS degree. You’ve got a PHD in LIFE EXPERIENCE.

            now back on topic: i think milking someone else’s goat could actually be a real crime, so maybe that was a very erudite and sophisticated put-down.

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