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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Missing Africa

So Alan and Donna have gone off for this year’s adventure in Dundee. They posted an ad for someone to come along with them, and found a young lady in the New England area that was up for it. So they’ll have help this year. Neat that someone would randomly join them like that!

I’m a little sad because I would love to go again myself. I just don’t have the money or time for it this year. But their good work goes on. Maybe I’ll be able to swing it next year…

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Vegas Baby!

I’m currently in Las Vegas, but I’m leaving first thing in the morning. Sophie and I drove here as part of her mom’s 60th birthday which we celebrated in Los Angeles. The plan was to be here for just a day, then for me to drive my one carful of stuff back up to SF.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas a few days ago, Lisa had organized a splendid barbecue so that I could see the maximum number of people during my brief visit. It was fun to see everyone but of course much too brief. However it did include some 12 varieties of meat and we finished off with four of us visiting old Vegas for deep-fried twinkies.

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