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Vegas Baby!

I’m currently in Las Vegas, but I’m leaving first thing in the morning. Sophie and I drove here as part of her mom’s 60th birthday which we celebrated in Los Angeles. The plan was to be here for just a day, then for me to drive my one carful of stuff back up to SF.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas a few days ago, Lisa had organized a splendid barbecue so that I could see the maximum number of people during my brief visit. It was fun to see everyone but of course much too brief. However it did include some 12 varieties of meat and we finished off with four of us visiting old Vegas for deep-fried twinkies.

While in old Vegas we happened upon one of those performances with motorcycles driving around inside spheres. Oh hey: someone posted it on youtube (although that is from an earlier performance. I’m going to guess the video seems lame, but I assure you that in person it was rather thrilling.

Of course, we were tired and overstuffed with food at this point so perhaps in our lethargic state more things would seem thrilling than usual.

Then I had one of the worst nights of sleep ever, as I came down with a nasty cold. I blame Aki since he had a cold at the bbq, though I must admit it was my idea to make out. In any case, the next day I felt like complete crap and certainly not up to packing the car. Sophie took care of me with plenty of airborne and soup. Then she flew home. In a plane — she’s an angel but she hasn’t got her wings yet. Awe.

The next day I felt marginally better, but still not good enough pack up. I’m a believer in getting huge amounts of sleep, warmth, and fluids for this kind of thing and knocking it out of your system quickly rather than trying to act like you’re not sick and dragging it out for a week. Lisa brought me Taco Bell, which also may have helped. In any case I felt pretty good today, so I packed up and I’m ready to head back. The car is so full I can’t see out the back and there’s a filing cabinet in the passenger seat wearing a seat belt.

I had dinner with Cassie at Pin Kaow which was very yummy and reasonably priced. We ordered a spice level of “7″, which ended up being perfect for me, but I’d say it was a very white “7″, if you know what I mean. This would be called “mild” at Henry’s Hunan. But like I said, it was really good. Then we hit Red Mango across the parking lot for the tastiest frozen yogurt in the world. It was good catching up with her: Thursday is her last day at Zappos. She’s off to experience the future.

What have I been doing with my future? Well, so far this year it’s not been much of anything. I have a great time partying with our cool SF friends — we go out almost every weekend for a little drinking and goofing around which result in photo galleries that I hesitate to link here. Each day Sophie works tirelessly to bring home the bacon, and I’m… waiting to be excited about something.

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