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It’s Thanksgiving here in Florida. Maybe it is where you are too.

Sophie’s here and this afternoon we’re going with to visit with a lot of the family (some twenty people… yet only a fraction of the whole!) and have a nice dinner together.

May you have a moment to think about how fortunate you are, and without pride or pity appreciate your short and beautiful life.

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  1. short and long life

    That is a wonderful comment.
    Does my life seem a lot longer if I am almost twice as old as you? I don’t think it seems twice as long. It is a bit like twice as much life is squeezed into the same amount of time, but it’s not that either. If one looks at life as exponential (base 2), or whatever one should call it, if I look back 32 years, it should be the same as you looking back 16 years; if I look back 32+16 years to age 16 it should be like you looking back 16+8 years to age 8 or 10; if I look back 32+16+8+4+2+1 years, it should be like you looking back 16+8+4+2+1+1 years (oops, there’s something a little wrong with the math!). So I just get one more segment, and am perceptually only 1/6 older than you. Maybe it’s somewhere between 1 1/6 and 2; maybe use base 1 1/2!
    Glad you had such a nice group of old relatives (not very old)! We had a smaller Fieldsized group of old relatives, which was nice too.

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