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The Big 80′s

Well, the 80′s party put on by Rosalind and Dory this past weekend was an unqualified success. Lots of great outfits, great music, great food, and best of all, great peeps.

Here’s what I really looked like in the 80′s. But for the party I decided to go more with a low-rent Miami Vice type look.

There’s a 189 (!) pictures from the party if you’ve got a snapfish account. They came out pretty great.

Is it just me or are 80′s girl outfits super hot?

Good times.

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7 Responses to The Big 80′s

  1. the snapfish link don’t work. What was going on with you an Jason in those old pictures? I can’t place any event I was at that included you in shorts and shorts only.

    • it looks like a cross between a Gof Ugnut video and the Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee stolen porn tape.

    • Try the link again… should work now. Those pics are part of the video for “Fros-T the SNOW man”. It was part of the Gof Ugnut documentary. You remember that?

      • I don’t think I ever saw that, actually. A once in a lifetime opportunity lost to time. yes, lost…

        I think the men, besides yourself, failed considerably in bringing the 80s back. Looks like the ladies went all out though.

        On another note, no pun intended, Curtis Mayfield’s album “Sweet Exorcist” is like a hot tub for your ears. Not that I’ve ever been in a hot tub but that’s what I imagine a hot tub for ears would be like.

        • wow. what a dork. what the hell was wrong with me?

          • What are you talking about? You were FUCKING AWESOME. No seriously: fuck anyone who doesn’t respect you in those pictures. I’m sick of all this “oh I’m cool, I gotta look and act in accordance with the social dogma of month”. Like tonight, I was talking to some chick at a club and I’m like “I’m not sure I want to see dead bodies close up” and the girl’s like “why” and I’m like “because I’m a pussy” and then her and her friends are all over me giving me advice on how I should talk to girls because no girl wants to hear that a guy’s a pussy. And I’m like “who the fuck said I was trying to pick up girls? If I wanted to pick up girls I’d be at the goddamn Green Door having an orgy.” Shit. The next person who so much as expects me to act like a normal person is going to get a goddamn milkshake down the front of their pants. Seriously.

            Oh hey… how you doing man? When’s the kid due? You got a name yet?

  2. Except my tits are too small and Jason’s dick is too big.

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