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Okay, it’s almost as if me liking a TV show brings about it’s death. This year’s casualty is Conviction, which was so good that I could work out to it and forget that I hated working out. Dammit, isn’t there some way for these non mainstream shows to find enough audience to continue? Does absolutely everything have to appeal to the masses to survive? Bah.

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5 Responses to Dammit!

  1. If you want another really good show, check out The Job on DVD. It’s already dead– after a mere season and a half– so there’s no chance that your liking it will cause it any further misfortune. Kathy and I just finished watching it on DVD and I think it’s one of the best series I’ve seen.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I’m skeptical of Dennis Leary in general, but I might give it a chance. And if it turns out I don’t like it, well, that might just bring it back to your pleasure and my chagrin (hey, it happened with Family Guy).

      • why be skeptical of Dennis Leary? He’s all of the annoyances of Boston rolled up into one bastard asshole. At the very least I can recommend The Job, it was hella good. Everyone seems to like his new series, rescue me, too.

  2. The creators of Conviction wisely stuck with the time-tested formula of blonde, reddish brown, and dark brown/black for the hair colors of the female main characters, thus making them easily distinguishable. However they made the fatal error of having two clean-cut, clean-shaven white guys with dark hair among the males. who could tell them apart? it was just a matter of time before this would lead to the show’s downfall.

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