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Like grandma always said…

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Is it okay to feel for the eggs?

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  1. I don’t know, but it’s a little weird to go out and get a pizza right afterwards. Omelets and pizza? Not to mention the barbecue? It’s just not right.

    I can see why that one guy got so sick afterwards.

    • Sounds nearly like a Vegas buffet. Lord knows what wonders those do for the old digestive system.

      Actually, have you ever tried barbeque omelet pizza? Maybe gross separately, but together they’re divine.

      • feel for the eggs

        life begins at conception. Since eggs are unfertilized I guess they don’t have tiny little chicken souls.

        ps. remember when we worked at Norwood Hospital and would have to crack like 100 eggs to make a massive batter? I used to do that at 5 am make scrambled egg mix. And every once in awhile you’d crack open an egg and a bloody little egg fetus would plop out and totally ruin the batch. Nasty.

        The other weird thing was that after cracking open a bunch of eggs your fingers would go numb since the eggs were kept so cold. Remember that?

        • Re: feel for the eggs

          Ah, hospital memories are some of my favorite. Though I must admit I never took part in the egg-cracking there, I have done something similar when I worked at McD’s. Huge vats of egg are just kinda gross. Reminds me of those bukakke videos with the big bowl of sperm. I never encountered the fetus eggs at McD’s, but that happened to me at home once. That sure ruins my appetite.

          But I have friends who eat partially developed chicken embryos. They say that when you get them at just the right age the skeletons are still more chewy than crunchy.

          • Re: feel for the eggs

            I’m sure, chemically, the clear goop that sperm swims in has to be similar to the clear goop that the yolk/fetus swims in. They do seem very similar. Though I have to admit I get grossed out by the whole bukake thing, especially when it involves glasses or bowls to be filled! :)

            We eat grown up chickens… why not little baby chicken embryos? Sure, why not? I’ve eaten crickets and scorpions and snails and pig penises (and probably dog :( , why not chicken embryos? Which reminds me – at the movies the other day Jennifer and I saw the poster for How To Eat Fried Worms. Great book. Ever read it?

          • Re: feel for the eggs

            that was me by the way. why didn’t it log in? hmmmm….

          • Re: feel for the eggs

            I figured; I don’t know a lot of people who go to the movie with “Jennifer” and have such thoughts on sperm and pig penis.

            Re: bukakke… I also find it quite distasteful. But I think it’s great to have such a cool sounding word for such a specific act. I wonder how aliens would interpret or explain that ritual if analyzing the human race?

          • Bukakke

            Dude, how do you know that bukakke ISN’T how aliens reproduce? They might look at that and go: right on! Blast away!

            In all serious, I believe that there are some animals that fertalize their eggs externally. The female lays an egg or eggs and then a male or male jizzes on them. I believe that’s how koala bears do it. Seriously. So there’s some precedent.

            So think about Bukakke in terms of biological imperative. 20 guys jizz all over some girls face… now millions of sperm representing 20 guys worth of DNA are in race to swim down her body, up her vagina and finally fertalize that egg! Believe it, the sperm that could win that race is a motherfucking POWERFULL sperm!

            ps. I think its disgusting also.

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