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It’s official

I announced to my team today that I’ll be moving on from Zappos. My last day will be February 28th.

I think it’s the right thing, but it makes me sad.

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8 Responses to It’s official

  1. I had to check livejournal just in case there was an entry saying “I’m doing april fools early this year to throw everyone off…”

    No such entry found. :(


      • Re: …

        We’re all excited for you. We’re making bets on your next project. Someone said something about guarding cargo ships from pirates off the coast of Somalia. But, I’m sticking to my gut instinct- infiltrating the carnival to make a documentary about modern carnie life. :>

  2. Wow, big news. Any chance this portends a return to the Bay Area? That’d be cool.

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