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A good night’s sleep.

Anyone else out there have a full length body pillow?

I admit, I can’t even get a good night’s sleep without mine any more. It’s actually caused me relationship problems… women get jealous of the pillow. But I can’t help it, it’s just so comfy to snuggle up with. Snuggling with a woman is cool and all, but there’s just certain things you can do with a pillow that would be uncomfortable with a woman. The reverse might be true as well in other situations, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about sleep. Real sleep. Hardcore sleep. Me and my man pillow.

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3 Responses to A good night’s sleep.

  1. I smell you. I don’t have a body length pillow, but I do tend to fall asleep with a one arm around a regular bed pillow turned lengthwise. It’s not that I don’t like to snuggle at bedtime with an actual human, but when I’m serious about sleeping for the night, I gots my arm around a pillow and my lady at my side.

    What’s wrong with us?


  2. Once you find your full length body pillow, I think you should cut a penis hole so your whole body will be snug (and of course so you can fuck the hell out of the pillow).

    I think it would be awesome if you got this (see link). Unfortunately, there’s not a version for men yet (although some websites mentioned a limited edition version coming out soon), so maybe you could put a frilly shirt on it instead or a bra.

    There’s this version for guys, but it’s kind of creepy.:

    • I don’t know — I think I’d feel dirty. Me and my man pillow have a great platonic relationship. I’d hate to risk ruining that for a few nights of fun.

      Maybe I’ll just have a one night stand with a realdoll.

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