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Back in Vegas

Scotland was incredible. There was so much stuff packed into the past 10 days that I’ll have to elaborate later, but I think the following picture sums up the trip nicely:

I’ve been traveling for the past 20 hours and will now collapse.

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8 Responses to Back in Vegas

  1. You weren’t kidding when you said you’d wear a kilt.

    That picture is awesome!

  2. Your time away from movie thearters appears to have been well spent! If you don’t have a new album ready, at least now you’ve got the cover art.



    P.S. Is the overalls-down just the latest in Scottish fashion, or have these young lasses folded down their overalls in an attempt to create their own makeshift kilts? Or both?

    P.P.S. Is the white in your crotch just photoshopped in to protect out innocent eyes?

    • I don’t know much about modern Scottish fashion, except to say that it doesn’t involve kilts. I think I was the only person wearing a kilt in all of Edinburgh at the time this picture was taken.

      The white in the crotch is the bottom of my tucked-in shirt. No photoshop here, just good clean fun.

      It may not be obvious from the picture, but this shot is totally unplanned. That was my natural reaction to having a young lady lift up my kilt in public. A moment before the picture she had asked if I was a “true Scotsman” (aluding to, I believe, the lack of undergarments when wearing a kilt properly). I wouldn’t let on, and this was the result. Scottish girls are curious and rather forward.

      And I’m proud to say I’m sitting in the Zappos office right now in this same outfit.

  3. had I responded to your inquerry about my arrival time into LAS, would that have:

    A) changed your travel plans such that we would have been in Vegas at the same time
    B) Made no difference whatsoever
    C) Given you a woody so huge that they would have kicked you out of Scotland because no kilt they make would have withheld the sight of your manhood from the eyes of Scottish, young and old alike
    D) All of the above
    E) Some of the above but you won’t say which

    • I would have told you to get your ass into a kilt and to meet me in Scotland instead.

      And then I could have answered “C”.

      Hope you had a good time here anyways… Dan’s original email said 20-23, and I thought that’s when you were coming too. I was actually quite shocked when I got the message that you two were in town as of Friday.

      But that’s alright, this error can start the blood feud between us that will last for generations.

      And that’s appropriately scottish to boot.

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