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Okay, finally saw Hitchhiker’s Guide, the movie I alluded to earlier with the head-bumping action. It was exactly as bad as I’d feared. Which is a bit sad, too, as it was obviously made with care. I watched the film in complete silence. I may have smiled once or twice, but that was it. Sophie fell asleep, and she just doesn’t do that at the movies. A bad taste in my mouth, I came home, grabbed the book, and read the scene where they talk to Deep Thought. It had been a while and I wanted to see if the book was actually as enjoyable as I remember. It was. And it was amazing how every single funny and clever line was cut out of that scene in the movie. It’s not that the book would ever work that well as a movie anyways, but can’t they at least keep the things that work in place? If only Terry Gilliam had directed…

Speaking of Gilliam, I’m looking forward to The Brothers Grimm.

Revenge of the Sith was surprisingly good. By that I mean it wasn’t exactly as bad as I’d feared.

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  1. >Revenge of the Sith was surprisingly good. By that I mean it wasn’t exactly as bad as I’d feared.


    I am looking forward to the Chronicles of Narnia. I mean, I sort of am, and am sort of not. It looks beautiful from the previews. On the other hand, what’s the point? It’s like, you can’t be too creative and change the plot because people will complain. I mean, who can improve on a literary masterpiece. And yet, what’s the point of making a movie exactly like the book when the book is already so good at helping you visualize the events it describes? I liked The Lord of the Rings films a lot. But I’m also of the camp that they were kinda boring too …

    • Now there’s a book that I really dug as a kid. But despite my love of the film medium, I got to say that making a movie from a great book rarely works. The two forms just communicate on such a different level. I thought Lord of the Rings was fairly underwhelming as well. Okay: revoke my geek card!

  2. I Hate Movies

    > It was exactly as bad as I’d feared.

    OK, it seems you’ve watched enough awful movies to have a good sense of what is going to suck before you see it, so my question is: why did you go to see this movie knowing it was going to suck?

    Do you not have anything better to do with 3 hours of your life and $20? Add up all the time and money you’ve spent in the past year at such movies, and you probably could have done something pretty damn cool instead. Because you’re a cool guy.

    Did I mention how I hate movies?


    • Re: I Hate Movies

      It’s true, I’ve watched a lot of awful movies, but as I’ve alluded to in an earlier post, I enjoy most of them. Yes, it’s an embarrassing admission, but I just like movies. Like an old friend (who seems to be in the room) said once of sex and pizza: even when they’re bad they’re pretty good.

      Besides, I’ve had at least as many bad days as I’ve seen bad movies, yet every morning I drag my sorry ass out of bed, brush my teeth whether I need to or not, and ride my horse to work. You know what keeps me going?


      *cue George Michael’s shaking ass*

      Oh, but Hitchhikers Guide was an exception. It wasn’t good at all. If I saw about three movies in a row like that, I probably would stop watching movies for quite a while. Hey! If you want me to do something cool, you should probably get me to go see a bunch of awful movies!

      • Re: I Hate Movies

        Hey! You know what movie you simply *must* go see? Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Go see it now. Twice in a row.

        Then play me your new album in a month.



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