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Did you know…

…that Chipotle will give out a free burrito and drink to anyone who comes to the store with a tinfoil costume on Halloween? Neither did I, until yesterday about 5 minutes before lunch.

Yep, that’s some of the less inhibited members of the good ol’ Zappos dev team, Jon, Randy, and myself. Michael, the man who put the plan in motion is also adorned in foil, and is visible in one of the other pictures.

Oh, Eric was not around, but would probably have joined in. He seems pretty uninhibited. At least he was willing to blow a Jello shot into my mouth at the Zappos holiday party (before | during | after).

Yeah. We’re professionals.

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2 Responses to Did you know…

  1. I didn’t see this post before.

    Back in ’03 Mark and I went to Chipotle dressed as burritos for the ol’ giveaway. We basically wrapped some foil around us in the parking lot and went inside. Your costumes look much better. I’m glad you went the skirt route.

    If you get on Chipotle’s mailing list, you can find out about some of their other giveaways, too. I think there’s one annually at tax time if you fill out a Chipotle 1040.

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