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So What’s This Christmas Thing Everyone Keeps Talking About?

Wazoo. Some good folks I know put on an “ugly sweater” Christmas party a little bit ago, and the pictures are now online. You’ll need to “sign up” to view them because Snapfish sucks, but then you can bask in the glory of truly god awful knitted tops. I’m quite impressed by my friends for going all out on this. The local Goodwill was done a favor, too, as all they have left after the raid are rather attractive sweaters. They’re almost like a little fashion boutique now.

I got a late start and couldn’t find an ugly enough sweater, so I cheated a bit and modified mine. It is not totally apparent from the picture of me, but I attached sleigh bells to the cris-crossy points of the argyle pattern. It made a wonderful sound when I bounced around. Which I am known to do from time to time.

If you were at the party, just be glad I didn’t wear this. I found that in the “Juniors” section at ROSS. I had to take a picture but I decided not to get it. Something going on there is just wrong.

Oh… and Merry Christmas. Is that in a couple days or something?

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2 Responses to So What’s This Christmas Thing Everyone Keeps Talking About?

  1. ugly sweaters

    No one should be allowed to wear such ugly sweaters. They’re damaging to both the eyes and the spirit! I’m putting all of you on my 2006 “to do” list.


    Ha ha, just kidding Jon_a_thon, I’d never kill you because your journal is always so great!!! Keep posting!!!!

    the faceless ninja

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