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11920 days and counting…

And real life fades just like dreams do.

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  1. Philosophy

    As always, Jon_a_thon, I find your journal takes me to deep places.

    Do dreams fade? Not mine. I have an enemies list that is at least 10 pages long and I dream of sticking it to each and every one of them. I won’t let those dreams die, that’s for sure.

    Does real life fade? For me, real life is always painfully present, like a Black Dragon Tanto slipped right between the ribs.

    Now here’s the really important question, Jon_a_thon. Exactly who’s ribs are we talking about? It’s my mission to try to make sure it’s somebody else’s, as much as possible.

    Thank about it.

    the faceless ninja.

  2. Dear Jon_a_thon,

    With regards to your most recent LJ post I look at my own life and I realize I’m not counting. is there something wrong with me? Am I gay?

    Bashful Of Integers

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