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All Concert Weekend!

Today I cleaned out my refrigerator. There were items with expiration dates from 2004.

But that’s not all! Thanks to Aki, (whom I helped give a mohawk last month), I managed to get out and do something. Something cool, in fact. We went to a show — Strunz & Farah. They’re in the “World Jazz” category in iTunes, if that’s any help. They were darn good; playing in a smaller venue at Boulder Station, which was sold out. And even though I spent over a year as a percussionist by trade, I was introduced to a new rhythm instrument, the caj√≥n. No, that’s not cojones, though it would be pretty impressive if a guy could make drum sounds with his balls. Anyways, no, it was basically a box with some beads on it. And this Cuban dude was able to get some mighty good world-beat sounds out of that thing. So props to Aki for spotting the show, and bringing a bunch of us along.

And then tomorrow night (after cleaning my bathroom or something else exciting, I suppose) I’m headed out to see Cake with my friend Romi. She paid for the tickets with blood. No, really. They’re like $75 a piece tickets and she got them by giving blood. That’s very expensive blood. Or perhaps she just gave a lot of it. Either way, I’m impressed.

Oh: and the Zappos party last week was fun. Lots of people got sick and threw up and got tossed out of the club on their ass. But not me. I just watched and laughed.

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3 Responses to All Concert Weekend!

  1. dude. that _is_ a box. It’s just some politically correct thing going on where some minority group called it a percussion instrument and now if some white guy tries to say, ‘ah, no. that’s just a box, dude.” he’ll be chained, whipped, and immolated under accusations of trying to commit genocide.

    • Maybe it is just a box. But man, that Havana boy could make that sucker go. He was kicking and slapping it like it was ass. But man it sounded good.

      • like it was ass

        jon_a_thon, you raise an interesting point. Should an ass be kicked and slapped – or stroked and caressed? Maybe nuzzled. Perhaps – kissed? These are all strange new musings you woke in me. But perhaps you should ask yourself why you thought the sound of slapping ass sounded good. Maybe you are a mysognist?

        Unless you meant “ass” as in “donkey”, in which case I think we can all agree that it should be given a carrot.

        yours truly,
        the faceless ninja

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