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Well now that it’s done I can publicly admit, without fear of an IRS invasion, that I never did my taxes for 2004. These 2004 taxes included some California stuff, so I decided (after much prodding from my good friend Lisa) to have them done there instead of here in Las Vegas. Well, it all worked out fine… or should I say no fine. Since I had a refund, and there was no penalty. Phew. And we hit the 2005 taxes as well while we were at it so we’re all caught up.

Oh: I have the best accountant ever. He’s a total wise ass. Doing taxes with him is more like having a beer with a buddy, but he knows his tax shit too.

Anyways, that’s why I was in San Francisco this weekend: to do taxes. But since we had to see each other for the tax stuff anyway, I did visit with Sophie as well. And had a very nice time. We hit a couple of our favorite old restaurants, like Left Bank in Pleasant Hill. I really dig that place. After a half bottle of bordeaux and their excellent lamb dish, I was ready to do my taxes all over again.

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10 Responses to Procrastination

  1. Hey! It’s funny because I was just looking yesterday at the note you put with your Xmas letter, and noticed that it mentioned you were coming to town in January.

    I’m guessing you’re no longer here? It’s too bad you weren’t around longer so we could have hung out, watching hobo killing movies, etc.

    • Yeah, I really wanted to do a Bay Area tour… performing my own unique brand of high-energy entertainment at the Mark & Kathy Shack Of Love, the Brendan & Lila Dome, and The Dave Children’s Theatre. But there just wan’t time this time. I’ll be back, though.

      And next time I’m definitely hitting Zachery’s.

    • Oh, and I just heard that you were unable to put together a hobo costume?!? I don’t even understand how that’s possible.

  2. … and Top Dog, ya?

    BELIEVE WHAT YOU’RE TOLD: there’d be chaos if everyone thought for themselves.

  3. Another SF trip and no phone call?!!!! Slut.

    • You know, I almost proactively apologized for this in my post. But then I remembered that the last time I spent a weekend in SF I stayed at your place! How do you think that made everyone else feel? I had to start blowing you off just to even things out.

      I’m still sorry about that time you came to LV to visit and I was out of the country, though. That was uncool.

      And by the way: everyone asks where you’ve been these days. Lots of love floating around for the Milkman, but no milk.

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