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And the results…

Well, my three year life as a cyborg is over. On April 13th I will be going in for surgery to have the stainless steel plate and 9 titanium screws removed from my arm. I chose the 13th because I like to live dangerously. I chose April because I like to live foolishly. I chose the steel plate in my arm because it bugs me.

So unlike the Las Vegas doctor, the doctor in San Francisco who put the plate in was more than happy to take it out. Aside from the slight risk that I’ll die or lose my arm, he said it’s a safe procedure.

Florida was cool. For my mom’s birthday we hit Ruth’s Chris steakhouse and then saw a Tango at the local performing arts center. Based on my observation it’s true what they say: it takes two.

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4 Responses to And the results…

  1. So, I flew to Las Vegas just before my surgery, and you’ll fly to SF just before your surgery (albeit in SF).

    I’d love to hang out with you in the Bay Area before you lose your cyborg-ness, so let us know when you’ll be around.

    • I’ll be in town from the night of Tuesday the 11th through the afternoon of Sunday the 16th. I’ll be staying at Sophie’s place in SF, a cool little loft near Union Square. Sophie makes a killer “bone soup” that is good for, among other things, healing bone.

      There won’t be much time before the surgery as I have a physical on that one day. But I should be feeling okay afterwards… if you guys can refrain from your usual physically grueling activities, maybe we can hang on the weekend.

      I haven’t had Ethiopian in forever. I can eat that with one hand, right?

  2. you should try to sell the plate on e-bay.

    • I may give that a go. According to the insurance records the goods cost $15K.

      There may be some legal issues though. I don’t think it’s an actual biohazard, but the damn FDA is all up in that.

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