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Best Dev Team Ever

No really… forget about all those times I threw around superlatives like styrofoam peanuts, this is the real deal: Zappos has the best dev team ever. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

It was my first day back in the office after my less-than-stellar week in SF. At around 1:30 PM I get off the phone from a drawn out conference call and I start talking to Aki. I notice he’s wearing a bright orange shirt, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wearing it before, but I continue talking to him without looking at it closely. Then it slowly dawns on me that everyone on the team is suddenly wearing bright orange shirts. It takes me a moment to focus on the image on the front. But when i do, here is what I see…

For those even slower than me, this is a reference to the approximate cost of the two surgeries I’ve had on my arm. Looking around at everyone wearing my day-glo goofy mug, I couldn’t help laughing. Then they pulled out a shirt of my very own, which I quickly donned:

Super cool! Each shirt also features three screws on the back, presumably the ones that stripped:

I was truly touched. And I turned beet red laughing. Or so i am told. Thanks you crazy folks!

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6 Responses to Best Dev Team Ever

  1. Here’s to your old scar…


  2. woot..

    i wore mine for my badge photo. :D

  3. Re: Here’s to your old scar…

    wow, you should become a shoe model.

    Take Care,


  4. Re: Here’s to your old scar…

    Man, I love those pictures :) Yes folks: those are the last images of me with the ol’ scar. The new one might be better or worse, but it’ll never be quite the same! Thanks for doing the photo shoot and making me look not-totally-awful :)

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