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Last week

So this past weekend I just worked. No no, hold your tears. It was stuff that I’ve been wanting to do, so I expect no pity. Plus I was just getting over being a bit sick, so I didn’t really feel up to going out anyways. The previous week, though, was another story.

I had five vistitors this weekend: there was Matthew & Rachel and their recent creation. Matthew was here representing SGI at the NAB show, and brought along the fam. We ate at Olives at the Bellagio… the same place I saw President Clinton and his entourage last October. We had a great dinner chat that touched on everything from child rearing to porn.

Sophie was in town to visit her mom and do some photography. We tried out the new Melting Pot that’s 10 minutes from my place and had a great time. We also took a trip to the Vally of Fire, my favorite natural Vegas attraction. And we hung out with Gary!

Yes: Gary D came to town as well. It was great to see him… we’ve barely seen each other in the 15 years since high school. But somehow each time we do it’s just like good ol’ times. Except back then we complained about our parents and now we complain about marriage. But mostly we just laugh and have a ball. The three of us had some great food and drinks over a few days. Indian at Tamba was very good, and I really liked this Tapas & Wine place we happened across at Lake Las Vegas called “Sunset & Vine”. And completely by chance as we left the restaurant, James Taylor started playing an outdoor concert by the lake. We watched and listened as he gently rocked us like only James Talor can. I really dug the way Fire & Rain sounded echoing across the water and back off the hills.

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  1. Hair

    Holy Crap! What an unbelievable head of hair Gary has! It’s virtually the same as highschool… a poofy helmet of hair, cradling his head, protecting him from meteor strikes…

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