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Saturday Night Clubbing

And all I have to show for it is a random song about a random girl at The Whisky…

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  1. I like it! Right now it’s a two in iTunes (that might sound bad, but my ratings are very skew-left. The median is two, but because I only keep what I like on my computer, that’s equivalent to around seven on a neutral 1-10 scale.)

    Don’t think this let’s you off of the hook. I’m still going to bug you for the back-story….

    • Hmm… I also think of the 1 to 5 star ratings in iTunes as actually representing a rating of 6 to 10 on a 10-scale. Out of 8,729 total songs, I’ve only given 5 stars to 52 songs, and 4 stars to 281 songs.

      I also put Jon’s new song into my iTunes with a 2-star rating, an exclusive club with only 777 other members. I consider a 2-star rating quite good.

      Way to go, Jon-a-thon.

    • Ah the back story… it isn’t that much more than what was told in the song, but I’ll try to elaborate!

      I was at the Whisky club at GVR, with some Zappos folks hanging out. It was pretty crowded and we were on the dance floor most of the time. Early on I noticed this very attractive girl dancing on the other side of the floor. She was dancing all by herself. I found her attractive enough to glance over from time to time, and she continued to dance by herself for the better part of two hours.

      I wasn’t planning anything, but we made eye contact a couple times. Eventually she worked her way over and starts dancing near me and so I joke “I notice you’ve been dancing alone all night… is that by choice”? I’m not sure she heard me because she just says “Do you have a girlfriend? I’m here alone, except for one girlfriend. Are you here alone?”. I point out my friends (a group of guys and girls) but confirm that I am single. Then she got really close and we danced together for a couple minutes. At some point I did something clumsy and I laughed and said “I’m not a very good dancer, but you’re great.”. Then she said “I have to go back to my friend now.” and she took off. I tried to keep an eye out for her after that, but within a few minutes she had disappeared completely.

      The next morning I was practicing guitar, and during the practice I came up with that weird sounding little intro motif. I recorded it and it made me laugh. For fun I recorded a completely improv vocal take over it. With no plan whatsoever, the memory of that girl from the night before popped up as the lyrics. I liked it all enough to spend the next several hours tuning it up, but only changed a couple words.

      Overall I’m happy with it, though it’s too quirky I think for most people. But it’s good to write and record again. I really feel in my element when doing music.

      Glad you guys liked it!

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