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Things I don’t Understand

So I don’t really know how it works… but sometimes things just line up in such a way as to make me really feel deeply about life. It’s a sort of longing and sadness that doesn’t have a sharp focus, but rather bleeds across the people I love and their tenuous dreams. And being the neurotic type I can’t help worrying that I’ve not got my priorities straight, and that I’ll regret the paths I’ve taken at some point. With my parents getting on with their lives, seemingly a little disappointed, I want to do more. But what would it be? And other family, friends, and lovers… they’ll likely be here longer but I know I’m not making the most of my life with them and I miss them already. And what does it mean to miss people when I have such reclusive tendencies? How can anyone not be lost in all this?

Anyways, the Imogen is definitely bringing some of this on, in concert with other little goings-on in my life. I couldn’t explain why. But I like music that does this to me, even if I don’t know what to do afterward.

Particular tracks that are making me feel small: Come Here Boy, Hide and Seek, The Moment I Said It, Speeding Cars, Goodnight and Go

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7 Responses to Things I don’t Understand

  1. Hello. I’d like to talk to you today about your toilet…

  2. I think it’s beautiful to feel deeply about life. I hate to sound too corny, but I think that life is special and precious and worth worrying about. In fact I think being worried about it can be a good thing, inasmuch as it encourages you to reflect on and deal with your goals and fears.

    ‘Hide and Seek’ is such a nice song. It is my favorite of hers.

    • Thanks, I hear that. I’m not afraid of corn. Though I hear that too much of it can cause digestive problems, at least for cows. And the corn lobby in Washington pushes through some unfortunate laws. But corn in and of itself, in moderate quantities, is a tasty and nutritious addition to one’s diet.

      I hear some people call it “Maize”. Before it was bred for sweetness anyways.

      A very nice song, indeed.

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