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Halloween Followup

In the end we did pretty much nothing on Halloween; just dinner at the Rio Steakhouse… a low-end Shepherdsville place. But that’s okay because we had that cool bonfire party in the woods a few days earlier. We did wear the same costumes around the warehouse, which was a blast. Here’s Me, Charlotte, and Melody. Here’s another, and one out on the warehouse floor with Dennis. Dennis was a bottle of beer. In case you can’t tell, the rest of us were semi-inflatable cowpokes. Hmm. That sounds a little questionable, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. The costumes were like being a Macy’s Thanksgiving Float… they included a battery powered fan in the rear that kept the thing inflated. Quite clever, I thought.

This is my last weekend in KY for a while; I’m leaving for Vegas on Monday. I’ve actually been feeling very sad this week. I really poured my heart and soul into all this, made some great friends, and now it’s coming to a close. A success to be sure, but this chapter is over. Not much to do except have a few more good times this weekend and get on to the next thing.

And the next thing is: I’m going to Chile with Sophie! We’ll be there for nine days… I’m very excited about that. We’re going to hit Easter Island while we’re in the area. Yeah, it’s 2200 miles away from Chile, but that’s as close as you’re going to get. I’ve always had a fascination with Easter Island. I just love cemeteries and ruins and though it doesn’t quite fall into either of those categories, I think one can see the connection. I’ve never been further south than Hawaii, so going right past the Tropic of Capricorn, not to mention the Equator, will be neat. I’m ready to feel what it’s like standing on the bottom of the ball, watching the drain go down the other way. And Sophie and I always have a great time on trips. We make good little adventurers, I think. Or course the trip was her idea; she’s the real adventurer. I’m Sallah to her Indiana Jones.

Man, I’m feeling all over the map; in more ways than one.

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  1. Hey! I didn’t think the Rio was that low-end for Shephersville! I mean it’s not like the Rio in Vegas (no World Buffet), but they’ve got a pork chop that tastes like fried chicken that is just fantastic. Highly recommended!

    • Actually I think I agree with you… I dig the Rio. Especially considering it’s Shepherdsville. I actually had the pork chop you speak of on Halloween night; Lisa said you recommended it. But I guess I was letting Keith and Lisa’s opinion of the place rub off on me too much. They seem to think of it as sub-par. They both said they’d never order a steak there. I like the steaks. And I liked that pork chop too.

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