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Burn Update

It’s been exactly two months since Sophie’s burn, and she just sent me a new unretouched self portrait that shows remarkable improvement. I haven’t seen her since the beginning of December, so I can’t give any more detail than the picture itself, but she says that depending on the lighting you can still see some coloration problems. The doctors say that it can take six months for a year to things to reach their final level of healing.

The only thing I can even notice in this photo is the slight reddish spot under her right eye, and that is very minor. It is a bit weird because we are almost 100% sure that was caused by the doctor examining her on the first week’s checkup. There was no sign of anything there before that exam — it was smooth and even with the rest of the healing skin. But the doctor rubbed around there with dry gauze, and right after that exam the spot under the eye showed up and has been reddish ever since. Guess the doctor should’ve gone a little lighter.

Should heal, but I think she looks great, in any case.

But my arm scar is way cooler.

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  1. I’m glad to hear (and see) she’s doing better.

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