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Out with the old…

If memory serves, I think this will be the first new year’s eve I spent alone. But here I am at home now, and about half an hour to go. No pity in that; until a few minutes ago I was at a happening party at Tony’s place with the Zappos crew and assorted hangers-on. It was a PJ party, where everyone was supposed to wear pajamas. I wore a suit and tie with slippers.

But Lisa was there too, and she left after a bit because she prefers to spend the coming of the new year in quiet contemplation. I liked the sound of that this year, for this point in my life, so I left the party as well. Quiet contemplation to begin shortly.

I signed divorce papers today at Starbucks.

What was it I said last year around this time?

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  1. I signed divorce papers today at Starbucks.

    I’m sorry to hear that. But maybe somehow if makes a new clean start for the year?

    • We’ll see… strange as it may seem my signing the papers is just one more step in a long line of steps. It’s like getting in cold water: you go deeper, you wait to adjust, you take another step…

      Signing the papers is probably like getting my balls in the cold water. That’s one of the harder parts, as I’m sure you’d know, my dear. But I might still run out screaming before taking the final plunge :)

      No matter, this year _is_ a fresh start. Leaving Zappos and more importantly the whole career mindset behind is where it’s at. That’s the most comforting and crippling thing in my life anyways, and I’ve already taken the plunge on that one :)

      • career mindset

        woah, you’re not only leaving your job but also your whole career mindset? What the hell does that mean? Are you saying fuck you to the establishment? No more career?

        But Jon… you could have been somebody… you could have been a contendah!

        • Re: career mindset

          Well, not “fuck you” to the establishment exactly, no.

          The thing is, I’ve been somebody, I’ve been a condendah: I’ve been living very comfortably with a influencial position in a cool, fast growing company for almost the past seven years. Yet I feel almost completely unsatisfied with the bigger picture of my life. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a lot of what I do in the moment, but for some reason my victories at Zappos don’t add up to a real sense of accomplishment for me.

          Not to be too dramatic, but I think I feel like Bob Ross might have felt if he had a successful career as a petroleum jelly distributor. Sometimes you gotta do what you were born to do.

          So yeah… I’ve been to the top (or close enough) and I’m tired of waiting for my life to begin. So it starts now.

          Well, it starts in two months.

          And for those wondering, no, I don’t have enough money to make this easy :)

          • Re: career mindset

            dude…. dude… that quote is about BOXING. Not some nancy computer job. Sheesh. Way to make everything about YOU.

            As to your bob ross reference… if you quit to paint some happy little trees…. well that would be awesome.

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