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Trouble Sleeping!

I haven’t had this much trouble sleeping since the week of the warehouse startup!

I guess that wasn’t that long ago though, so I may have to start revising my self image of being an easy sleeper.

I only managed a couple hours the last few nights each, but I’m still not tired tonight at 1AM.

I’m pretty anxious about all the soon-to-be-goings-on. I bought my tickets to Johannesburg today… via Senegal. Should I be embarassed that I had to look on a map to remind myself Senegal wasn’t in central Asia? In any case it looks like I’ll be in Dundee for exactly two months… March 10th through May 10th.

Selling the house… and formulating plans for what to do after South Africa. Weird to buy a return ticket to a place when you no there isn’t going to be anything there to return to!

Also brought in Brent Cromley to meet the team today. He is currently the premier candidate for taking over the Director of Development responsibilities at Zappos. Brent is a good guy… I’m rooting for him.

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  1. with a name like Brent Cromley he’ll soon be Mayor of Zappos. I’d vote Brent Cromley for Mayor.

  2. That’s cool you’re going to South Africa. Don’t get raped!

    Be sure to visit Lesotho and Mozambique since you’re so close. I remember seeing a movie when I was in grade school where the kids in Lesotho collected cow dung and made patties out of it and burned it for fuel. That was awesome… Is that the job you’re taking down there?

    • Yes, aside from the general bummer of being raped (no pun… har har) there’s the whole 30% AIDS rate. I’m unlikely to have much sex even if I’m not being raped.

      I can take or leave Mozambique, but Lesotho seems intriguing because it’s just a donut hole in South Africa. I don’t know why I find that interesting but I do. Maybe I have a thing about holes. You can take that however you want it.

      I will burn some dung for you.

  3. insomnia

    insomnia is something I have a lot of experience with. especially after THE BABY. I’m an extremely light sleeper and the baby is keeping me awake with her cute cooing, dammit!

    Jon, try some ambien. you can get it prescribed from your doctor. You’ll need to take it for a couple of nights and your body will get back on track. Or maybe just once.

    I gave some to Brendan. Did he try it?

    Also, as a bonus, if you’re like me and you still can’t sleep despite having taken ambien you’ll be treated to mind bending hallucinations. Just don’t try to write anything while taking it…

    • Re: insomnia

      I usually use melatonin. And then watch TV shows that I like enough to keep me distracted from my worries, but which I can comfortably fall asleep during. Old X-files or the West Wing work well.

      However I ran out of melatonin last week and haven’t picked any more up. Maybe that’s all I need. Once I get my new supply, if that doesn’t work I’ll check out this Ambien stuff.

      Unless this is all just a veiled attempt to get me to try your latest hallucinagenic drug of choice, in which case I say “Sign me up for the picture show, Grandpa! Poof! Poof! Zimzimzimzoooo!”

      • MelaWIMPY

        Oh, you and your melatonin, some naturally occuring healthy non-toxic few negative side effects crap! Why not just do Yoga and talk about your feelings? Maybe a gentle massage? Some Tai-Chi?

        Now *I* took the manly solution. I had a problem and I solved it by taking a pill. Problem gone. What could be more American than that?

        Okay, but seriously, check with your doctor there are lots of gentle sleeping aids without the side effects (which are, honestly, kind of fun). If you can do without it obviously that’s better.

        I only resorted to the ambien after not sleeping for something like a 4-5 days, and even then I would only take it maybe 4-6 times over a month. Obviously now that I have a baby I can’t use it as a sleep aid no matter how much I need it because I need to have LASER SHARP FOCUS for those 2 am feedings. I don’t want to be loogy and drop the baby. Like, you can’t be drunk and take care of the baby either. Is *that* fair?

        But thanks to your recommendation I’ll go grab some melatonin!

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