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Sophie makes some breakfast for me and we head off to Joburg. It’s a nice simple drive, since I’ve done it before. We do get stuck behind the largest “abnormal load” I’ve ever seen: a huge conical roof structure that is so wide the police escorts have to force the oncoming traffic off onto the grass as they approach. No passing that sucker.

We hit a rest stop an hour before Joburg. Rest stops here are super nice. Better than anything I’ve seen in the US. The one we go to is of course full service, and also has covered parking. Inside the place has high ceilings and tastefully deployed lighting. The colors are all earth tones, reminiscent of a Starbucks. The restrooms, straight ahead, are clean and fresh, under the direction of a full time bathroom attendant. To the left is a very large convenience store, and to the right are two restaurants: Steers, a fast food place, and Brazilian, a upscale coffee shop. We order a little bit of stuff from each, and they have us sit down so they can bring us our food, on real plates and with real silverware, no less. We sit out on the shaded deck, which includes a fountain. Rest stop indeed.

We manage to find the hotel after some around. Sophie’s flight leaves in only a couple hours so we just catch a quick rest and shower before she takes off. It’s been a great adventure of a visit, as it always is with us. I spend some time catching up on email, and then I drift off.

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