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I prefer roll-on

No really, I do. But there’s not much to be had around here. Just “Ban”, which doesn’t smell that great. South Africa had a wonderful roll-on selection. I found my favorite deodorant ever there. Mmm… Shield.

Last Friday I climbed Black Mountain with Lisa and Cheryl at 4:40 AM. I think it’s about a six mile round trip and about a 2000 foot elevation change — it’s a good hike. Different than other hikes I’ve done because there’s basically no vegetation, so you can see the top of the mountain the entire time you’re hiking. That makes it look small. But it’s not that small.

There’s a Zappos flag at the top, as it has become a popular hiking trip for many Zappos employees. There’s also an old ammo box with a notebook inside it. You sign the notebook when you get to the top, if you want. There’s also other useful things in the box, like water, first aid stuff, and condoms.

At that time it’s pretty comfortable out. We didn’t quite make it to the top for the sunrise, but it was a lovely view anyways. By the time we got back to the car it was hot.

On another topic, I thought this was interesting.

I found this interesting too.

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