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Mt. Charleston & Second Blog

Last weekend Lisa an I hiked up to Mummy Springs on Mt. Charleston. Six miles and a 1700ft elevation change, starting at 8000ft. To my surprise the spring was partly frozen. It formed a beautiful icy waterfall with running water carving out tracks and splashing to accumulate in glassy little balls all around the base. Lovely stuff. Lisa took some pictures with her camera phone, but we wished we had brought something better.

After hiking back down through the quickly dropping temperature, we stopped at the Mt. Charleston hotel to get dinner. The restaurant serves a pretty basic American menu, but it was super tasty after the hike and the atmosphere was great — natural wood construction and a few stone fireplaces. I got a steak and salad, and we had apple pie a la mode for dessert.

I also started a second blog this week. Partly I wanted to try out Vox and partly I wanted to split off a place to post stuff that wasn’t related to me. So this here blog is going to focus mainly on my activities and life, which is what it has mostly done anyways, while the blog will be more random thoughts, things of a political or philosophical nature, and links to things that I found interesting.

The Las Vegas house is in escrow… hopefully the sale completes. I’m refocused on my Zappos contract work now.

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