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My Album

Well here it is. My first complete album of music since I collaborated on the 3 Honkees back in 1994.

Yes, It’s been 15 years.

I’ve done music in that time. Lots of it, but on and off. I never had the time or discipline to record a complete album until now.

Without further ado:

Jonathan Field – Drift

1. Nocturne
2. Everything Is Wrong
3. Drift
4. Paper Time Machine
5. So Hard
6. Don’t Make Me Any Promises
7. Pretty, Sad
8. I Still Care
9. You’ve Got To Start Somewhere
10. So Long

Download a zip of MP3 files here (39MB)

It’s all me and only me. Everything was written and recorded in the past couple months as I aimed for the arbitrary deadline of July 4th. I have lots of thoughts about the process and the finished product, but I just pulled an all-night session and it’s time to catch some sleep before some friends arrive for a bbq in a few hours.

It’s a pretty varied collection of songs. Hopefully you can find a few songs to enjoy, and not many to hate :)

Happy 4th!

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10 Responses to My Album

  1. Nice!

    Great job on the album Jon. Sounds great. Having no idea what to expect when I clicked play, I was immediately impressed.

  2. Sweet!

    Congrats! It must be very satisfying to have gotten this done!

    • Re: Sweet!

      Yep, I’m pretty happy about it. The album itself is largely about depression, but despite that, it’s creation has lifted my mood considerably :)

  3. i don’t want to be unfair

    but everything is wrong…

    it’s melancholy, reflective… yet hopeful. melodic, articulate and creative.

    well done, very impressed!

    • Re: i don’t want to be unfair

      Thanks! That track has proven to be relatively popular. Glad you enjoyed. Hope you find some other tunes on there that you like. And send me a link to some of your more recent creations!

      Or has being in a relationship (is that what they call it these days?) stolen your musical mojo?

      • Re: i don't want to be unfair

        musical mojo a bit less productive, true. partnerships are quite time-intensive. quality musical machinations and sappy spooning sessions – why can’t we have both!?

        note: i have less equipment in UK. a digital controller and recorder and the ‘ol acoustic. it’s a fair setup, but i do miss the drum set.


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