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As of yesterday, my album is now available in iTunes! Yay!

I think it’s amusing that I ended up with a “Parental Advisory” label, but I’ve only got myself to blame. Without too much thought I flagged “So Hard” as having explicit content when I was adding it to CD Baby. So there you go.

Over the next couple weeks I’m going to blog about each song on the album, and I’m going to release the raw GarageBand files. Crazy? Perhaps — but I hope it’ll be interesting for some people to poke around and see how the songs were put together. I’ll try to give a little insight into how and why they came to be, as well.

The songs are available for free download in my July 4th blog entry, and you are welcome to grab them. If you find yourself replaying and enjoying the songs as much as other songs you’ve paid for, please buy a copy from iTunes, or if you want a hard copy CD, buy one from CD Baby. Otherwise, please feel no obligation!

Honest reviews on either site are also appreciated!

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